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  • Large international warehouse

    We have a separate warehouse, 350m2 wide for export activities

  • Convenient warehouse

    QASCO setup 02 warehouses at the main road, convenient for trucks, container trucks to move goods in and out

  • Friendly working environment

    The business line is subject to a lot of pressure from the progress of goods. Building an open working environment for the staff

  • Optimal workflow

    We build a complete workflow so that every order, any arising problem is solved in the fastest time.


QASCO triển khai bán hàng đa kênh trên Website TMĐT và các sàn TMĐT lớn như SHOPEE, LAZADA, TIKI


Chúng tôi cung ứng hàng hóa phụ tùng tới nhiều đại lý khắp các tỉnh thành tại Việt Nam với chính sách giá phù hợp


QASCO is a partner of many large foreign enterprises such as: BRAZIL, MALDIVES, TURKISH, SINGAPORE,...


Mở rộng kênh phát triển với mô hình QASCO Warehouse & Drop Shipping. hợp tác cùng các nhà bán hàng tiềm năng.


The system was built by a team of programmers and professional consultants of individuals who are trading in motorcycle spare parts. With the criteria: Share - Universal - Simple. Based on the promotional channel system,, visitors can clearly know a part code that can be used for which model of vehicle, how the part code is classified, as well as find and order spare parts according to the code in a way. simple.

Our goal is to be able to trade high quality products in Vietnam to many countries around the world.

QASCO’s first outbound shipment in 2022

In 2021, we receive interest from many major motorcycle parts dealers in the world. The amount of

QASCO company has started selling to Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines via SHOPEE

If you regularly follow QASCO, you probably already know that we are the only spare parts company

Prestigious motorcycle parts wholesale company in Vietnam

You need to buy genuine motorcycle parts in bulk or very large? We are ready to meet

70cm3 Spare Parts PCX 160 2021 2022 send to partner

About us: Quang Anh Spare Parts Co., Ltd (QASCO) 124 Tran Phu street – Phuc Yen city

Sync API

Build standards from data of goods, images, and operations ready to synchronize with large systems when expanding the market

Working process

Workflow improves continuously from problems arising, reducing time and risk

Payment System

Transparent payment based on actual contract / invoice / Packing List

Retail price policy

The retail price is based on the supplier's suggested selling price and balances the increase in the price of products whose value is too small to ensure operation.

Dealer price policy

Not based on market price, we base on input price and offer competitive price

Export Policy

Based on the volume of goods, the country of delivery to and the costs incurred for processing and packing

Dear all the friends in the world!
Maybe you are interesting in motorcycle spare part in Viet Nam but don’t know how to import goods. QASCO will solve the problems for you and your business on your behalf.
We can prodive goods, introduce our delivery partner services, convenient payment.
Currently we have many partners in many countries, so we have a lot of experience in supplying large volumes of spare parts. We guarantee exact quantity, good price and genuine product.

Based on the order you intend to place, we can calculate the total volume of goods from which to calculate the cost of shipping, container rental, tax and quote the total value of the order in a short time.

QASCO Spare Parts International Platform

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